The Power of Our History

The Southeastern Connecticut Women’s NETWORK was formed in 1976 when Millie Devine, a bank officer in New London, realized the need and importance of connecting with other business women. What began as a small group of professional business women has now grown to almost 200 diverse, dynamic members.

To celebrate our 30th year in 2006, we wanted our story told, and we created a DVD history of the Women’s NETWORK, a project called “Her-story”. That title was chosen simply as a pun on the word “history” since there were no men in our fledgling organization. This DVD is a way to learn more about our devoted members and more about the NETWORK. We all get to meet the new members when they are introduced to the membership, but often the new members don’t know who the long term members are.

After much research, we hired one of our own members to create the DVD. Jenny Bonnano, whose business is Connect The Dots Productions, was the producer, director, and writer. She and her crew filmed old newsletters, directories, mailings, photos, one of  our luncheon meetings, and several interviews with past presidents and some members. It is wonderful that many of the founding members are still in the area and remain active members of the NETWORK.

The premier of  the Southeastern Connecticut Women’s NETWORK “Her-story” was at our May 2007 luncheon meeting.

It was a pleasure to work on this project. We were reminded of many things while making and viewing this DVD. One thing that kept coming up again and again is how we, as a group, support our members. We have energy and spirit, and our networking skills are always improving.

"Her-story”, the 30 year history of the Women's NETWORK, is on DVD and for sale for $15. The history unfolds with narrative and interviews of past presidents and members. The DVDs are available for purchase at the monthly Network luncheons or by contacting the membership chairperson.

For more information on the beginning of the NETWORK read Millie’s speech from our 20th Anniversary in 1996.

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