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The NETWORK’s monthly luncheon meeting, speaker program, Network @ Night, Mastermind Group and Educational Panels (both virtual and in-person) provide members with the opportunity to network, make referrals, educate themselves and others about who they are and what they do and take advantage of what others have learned and are willing to share.

Through its many different events, the SECT Women’s Network connects, and uplifts people in a positive and professional way throughout Southeastern CT, and nationally and internationally, through our virtual offerings.

The NETWORK was formed in 1976 as an alternative to the exclusive, men-only clubs.  The Southeastern Connecticut Women’s NETWORK is an organization of more than 140 dynamic business professionals. Today it offers both women and men an inclusive and supportive forum for the mutual benefit of all members.

Mission Statement

The Network strives to create a dynamic and diverse membership, which promotes powerful, personal, and professional relationships through the advancement and education of its members.


I love the friendships and business relationships that I've formed through the SECT Women's Network. 
                                              – Michelle Dempsey

"I love the information and support at the luncheons."

                                               – Carol Burgess

"This group of professional women are just the best ever!"
                                               – Susan Dombrowski


If you are not yet a member, The NETWORK invites you to visit. You may attend two meetings to see if you would like to belong; you will then be asked to a make a membership decision. The benefits of membership go well beyond the meetings!

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