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Women’s NETWORK membership provides numerous and affordable advertising and marketing opportunities. Members can place advertisements in the monthly newsletter, in the annual directory and on this website.

Information, sizes and prices are below.

Purchase Ads – * Members Must Login to View Advertising Options and Purchase Ads on the "Events" page.
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Monthly Newsletter – New Reduced Rates!

Newsletter ads are placed on a yearly basis - ads can be either black & white or color. Ads are live-linked to your website!

Deadline for copy and ads is the 20th of the month for inclusion in the following month's newsletter.

Small ad* - $100/yr.  2" x 3.5" horizontal
Large ad* - $200/yr.  4" x 3.5" vertical

New ads can be submitted as a business card (do not staple, paper clip or tape), or in pdf, tif or jpg format 300 dpi.

For a one month special event ad, contact Judy for rates.

To place an ad in NETWORK News, send or email copy to:

Judy Ricketts-White Design
103 Butlertown Rd.
Waterford, CT 06385

* All ads must be prepaid.

Newsletter Inserts

Members can now advertise their business, special offers or events by placing an insert in the NETWORK news.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you must provide 8.5" x 11" flyers/insert pdf file. Please submit the insert file (1) month before issue advertising deadline, as all inserts must be approved by the NETWORK Board of Directors.

For more information call or email Judy RIcketts-White at (860) 439-1854.

Annual Directory

Our directory of members is online as well as published once a year as an official hard copy directory. Advertising for the website is covered below.

Full Page - $100 (4.5” x 7.5” Vertical)
Half Page - $50 (3.5”-4” x 4.5” Horizontal)
1/4 Page - $25 (essentially a business card)

Special Placements:
Full Page Only - Inside Front Cover- $125 (4.5” x 7.5” Vertical)
Inside Back Cover - $125 (4.5” x 7.5” Vertical)
Back Cover- $150 (4.5” x 7.5” Vertical)

New ads can be either a business card (do not staple, paperclip or tape) or a pdf, tif or jpg format. Each print ad will be placed at the discretion of the NETWORK. The NETWORK reserves the right to reject those ads that do not fit our professional requirements. Ads in the print Directory are for one year issue only and will only appear in the print issue.  Ads will not transfer to the Directory posted on the website. All ads must be prepaid. All ads are black & white only.

* All ads must be prepaid.

Ads for the Annual Directory are solicited once a year at the end of June with membership renewal. For more information contact the Directory & Ads chair.

Women’s NETWORK Website – New Reduced Rates!

Small side ad* - $275/yr. Sized 120 X 90 pixels, horizontal
Maximum file size of 25-30 kb

Large side ad* - $550/yr. Sized 120 X 180 pixels, vertical
Maximum file size of 25-30 kb

Large Bottom Banner* - $275/yr. Sized 341x60 pixels
Maximum file size of 40 kb

All ads must be submitted in JPG/GIF Format (72 dpi, 256 colors).

All Online ads will be live-linked to your website! Each website ad will be on a rotational cycle within the page as well as within the site pages. At this time, we request no animated gif ads. The NETWORK reserves the right to reject those ads that do not fit our professional requirements.

*All ads must be prepaid.

For more information on advertising on our website, contact Judy Ricketts-White at 860-439-1854 or by email at

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