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Woman of the Year Committee


  • The Committee is chaired by the previous year’s recipient
  • Committee members may only be prior recipients or non-eligible NETWORK members


The Woman of the Year Award is presented annually, usually at the June Luncheon. It is presented to a member of the NETWORK who meets the following criteria:

  1. The Candidate must be an active member of the Southeastern Connecticut Women’s NETWORK, attending luncheons and participating in other functions.
  2. The Candidate may be a former, but not a current member of the Board of Directors or its Executive Board.
  3. The Candidate must be active in her community and within other professional organizations.
  4. The Candidate must express an interest in helping other women and men achieve professional status and public exposure through networking in the community.
  • Criteria for the award and nomination guidelines are provided at the April luncheon and in the April Newsletter (March 20 newsletter deadline)
  • Deadline for nomination submissions is early May
  • The committee usually meets once, in early May, to choose a recipient and to select an appropriate award.  Items must be ordered and engraved, so timing is important.

2023 Denise Nott
2021 Nancy Butler
2020 Deb McGath
2019 Kathy Greene
2018 Emma Palzere-Rae
2017 Susan Dombrowski
2016 Donna Yother
2015 Louisa Ketron
2014 Connie Plessman
2013 Camilla Ross
2012 Chris Lautz
2011 Gail Weber
2010 Jane Moriarty
2009 Kasey Goss
2008 Beth Glynn
2007 Susan Pochal
2006 Cora Murphy
2005 Elaine Bono
2004 Lois Andrews
2003 Marj Taggart Dedrick
2002 Vicki Anderson
2001 Kathleen O’Beirne
2000 Millie Devine
1999 Judy Woodman
1998 Joyce Schmidt
1997 Barbara Quinn
1996 Lois Palmer-Alderson
1995 Linda Mariani
1994 Barbara Reed Collins
1993 Barbara Gager
1992 Nancy Hillery
1991 Nan Crowley

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