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Scintillation Mastermind: How A Group of Women Affects Change Locally & Globally

By Pat Clark

My journey into Mastermind began in 2008 with the formation of the Scintillation group, which derives its name from the many facets of gemstones. Just as the individual facets of a gemstone create sparkles, collectively they represent much greater value.

I got the idea to start Scintillation when I watched a film created by CARE International called “I Am Powerful,” which illustrates the power that is created by women working together to affect change in their lives and communities. I was impressed!

With the support of former Network President Jill Adams, I investigated the idea of starting a Mastermind group that had as its mission working co-creatively with women both locally and globally to facilitate empowerment in their lives and communities. An additional intention was to simultaneously support individual and collective business objectives.

A recent project demonstrates Scintillation’s mission and intention: current Network President BB Smith headed up a project to collect knitted items for children in Afghanistan. The idea grew out of the Mastermind and evolved exponentially as women passed the word and donations came in both locally and nationally. Hasina Wright, owner of Mystic River Yarns, enthusiastically embraced our idea and multiplied it through her own network, which included her Sunday afternoon knitting group. This is the power of Mastermind – a network of connected women drawn to participate resulted in 50 pounds of beautifully and lovingly knitted items that were then distributed to Afghan children via deployed U.S. troops.

Another example of the power and value of Mastermind is the effort of a young woman named Anna. Anna, who was not a member of the Network at first, discovered the Scintillation group through a friend who was a member. Her desire was to work with and support women in Africa, and it was through Scintillation that she found the right opportunity. She is now involved in helping an African community start a non-profit organization to support local women. In addition, Scintillation helped raise money to purchase Lunapads Goods 4 Girls Kits, which Anna then distributed to Kenyan girls so they could stay in school.

Group members Bethany and Debra both found support and encouragement within the Scintillation Mastermind group to find opportunities locally to coach and mentor women and teenage girls. And Trina, a custom jeweler and appraiser, held a gold exchange and donated a portion of her profits to The Women’s Center of Southeastern Connecticut.

Another wonderful element of Mastermind is that it provides the opportunity to establish much closer friendships with Network members than time allows during the monthly luncheons. The camaraderie provides a “home away from home” where we have support, encouragement and understanding for the ups and downs of our life journeys. We find strength in our connectedness, encouragement for pursuing possibilities, and share the exhilaration of co-creating projects that touch so many women’s lives. Creativity, laughter, excitement, and pervasive energy abound – all while lingering over good food and wine together.

Pat Clark is a Holistic Health Counselor and owner of Balance by Choice LLC.
She is the Immediate Past Vice President of the SECT Women’s NETWORK

As profiled on GRACE magazine website, www.graceforwomen.com

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