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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is a standing committee.*


  • Members shall be appointed by the Board of Directors (BOD)*.
  • A member of the BOD shall be designated as chair*.


  • Membership Chair (or Membership Committee) responsibilities fall into four areas:
    1. Membership applications and introductions
    2. Membership files & archives, luncheon reservation list
    3. Membership recruitment & retention
    4. Oversight of the Membership Directory & Ads Committee
  • The top priority requiring absolute timeliness is the processing of applications and new member introductions. The Membership Chair is often the only point of contact for people wanting information on the NETWORK or applying to the NETWORK. A link to her email address is on the website.
  • Establish the procedures for becoming a member of the NETWORK in accordance with the policy established in Article III of the Bylaws, and in accordance with criteria adopted by the Membership Committee and approved by the members of the NETWORK*
  • Review applications for membership and determine whether the membership criteria have been met for each applicant*.
  • Set up the membership info at luncheon meetings.
  • A member or representative of the committee shall sit at the registration table at the monthly luncheon meetings to greet new members, present their membership materials and instruct them on their introduction to the membership. Going to the podium is optional.
  • Supply the monthly reservation list to the person covering the registration table by the Monday before the Wednesday luncheon.
  • Generate invoices for membership renewal and prepaid lunch meeting option.
  • Perform such other functions relating to membership of the NETWORK as may be necessary to carry out the duties assigned herein or as directed by the BOD*

* As per the Bylaws

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