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Luncheon Registration Committee

Ideally there are three people sitting at the registration desk.


  • Members in good standing of the NETWORK


Prior to the luncheon, get the annotated reservation membership list from the answering service liaison
  • Welcome attendees to the meeting
  • One person checks people off the reservation list and collects monies due. Monies go to the treasurer.
  • Stamp the back of the checks
  • Count the total number of attendees and pass the information on to the membership committee person and the Treasurer
  • One person writes receipts for those who want one
  • One person (membership committee) gives out new member packets and sells NETWORK promotional items (pins, directories, name badges, etc.)
  • The membership committee person also collects guests business cards or our small blank card that has been filled out with the appropriate information to give to the President for announcing guests from the podium and for membership to follow up.

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