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BOD - Treasurer


Voted into office by the membership
Member in good standing of the NETWORK


  • Maintain the care and custody of all monies belonging to the organization*
    • Maintain accurate accounting of all monies payable to and from the NETWORK
    • Make prompt disbursement of funds upon the direction of the President
    • Assure immediate payment for the monthly luncheon meetings
  • Be responsible for all monies and securities of the organization*
  • Deposit all monies into appropriate organization accounts*
  • Has authority to sign checks or drafts of the organization*
  • Provide at stated periods, as the BOD shall determine, a written account of the finances of the organization*
    • Monthly reports for the BOD meetings
    • Annual report for the June BOD meeting
  • Exercise all duties incident to the office of Treasurer*
  • Chair the Budget Committee to establish a budget for the following fiscal year
  • Report our financial status to the appropriate state and federal offices
    • Assure the required tax filings are completed in a timely fashion
      • Federal and state tax filings
      • Provide financial records to the accountant for tax filings

See Appendix A for more detailed information.

* As per Bylaws

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