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BOD - Secretary


  • Voted into office by the membership
  • Member in good standing of the NETWORK


  • Keep the minutes and records of the organization and the BOD in appropriate books*
  • File any certificate required by federal or state law*
  • Be the official custodian of the records of the organization*
  • Maintain a current list of all members of the NETWORK, the BOD and all committees*
  • Carry on correspondence for the membership and keep an active file of such correspondence*
  • The Secretary is custodian not only for the minutes, but other general correspondence sent to or received by the President on behalf of the NETWORK.  Membership, Program and Treasurer's correspondence should probably be kept with their own committee chairs and passed on when their term is over.
  • Give and serve all notices to the members of the organization*
  • Send any necessary Get Well or Condolence cards
  • Read the proposed slate of officers and directors at the May luncheon meeting and ask for a motion

See Appendix A for more detailed information.

* As per Bylaws

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