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Board - Member at Large


  • Voted into office by the membership
  • Members in good standing of the NETWORK


  • It is your responsibility to represent the interests of the membership in supporting the mission and purpose of the Southeastern Connecticut Women’s NETWORK.
  • Member(s) at Large do not have a vote or propose motions, but may be involved in discussion.
  • They are not considered for purposes of determining a quorum.
  • Invited to attend yearly retreats
  • Invited to attend annual board dinner
  • Shall take an active role in one or more of the committees established by the NETWORK, including but not limited to chairing and/or becoming actively involved in one or more of the committees, and volunteer to coordinate and/or play an active role in planning/managing special events that may be sponsored by the NETWORK during the course of the year.
  • The term is for one year.

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